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Afrikadag 2019 great success!

The Afrikadag was again a great success this year. More then 150 guest speakers, 6 partners, more than 50 organizations and 90 volunteers participated in this successful edition. There were 45 interesting workshops and two cultural programs that people could attend. More than 500 visitors went to this inspiring day. 
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Zimbabwe after Mugabe: new president Mnangagwa does not bring promised change

In the past few weeks multiple protests have sparked in the South African country Zimbabwe, bringing a lot of violence and resulting in arrests. The direct cause for these protest was the rise of fuel prices by 150 percent. This meant that petrol now costs 3,31 US dollars per litre, the highest fuel price in the world. The bigger picture shows a general unrest in the country, where corruption and poverty are still very present. When President Robert Mugabe resigned under pressure of his party, the people were very happy. However, the new president Emmerson Mnangagwa has not brought the changes people hoped for.
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Outcome Congolese elections claimed to be false: Kabila still in control?

On the 10th of January opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi was announced winner of the Congolese presidential elections. After an extensive ruling period by President Kabila (since 2001), the election of an opposition leader could be a step in the right direction for the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, Martin Fayulu, a second opposition candidate, claims the elections were rigged and that he is the true winner. Several pieces of evidence support his claim. A year ago, Foundation Max van der Stoel talked about this subject during the political café on the (non)sense of elections in Congo. Here we discussed that the result of new democratic elections could be the first peaceful transfer of power since independence in 1960.
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Save the date: Afrikadag 2019, 13th of April @ KIT Amsterdam

We have started to prepare for the annual Afrikadag! This year’s main theme will be migration. We have a great line-up of interesting speakers (more info will follow!) and we trust that it will be an amazing edition. Like every year there will be a cultural programme as well as many different debates, workshops and lectures. 
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Afrikadag 2018 big success!

What a beautiful day it was last Saturday, 14 april! With about 1.000 visitors, speakers and volunteers, the Royal Tropical Insitute in Amsterdam was buzzing. Through this way we would like to thank all our speakers, volunteers and visitors for their participation!

The pictures will follow as soon as possible, but fortunately you can already watch the aftermovie by Africa Web TV.
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IWD2018: More female leaders in Africa

#IWD2018: More female leaders in Africa

"Tradition has to move according to the time that we live in," said Angelique Kidjo, Beninese singer and activist. It is the 107 anniversary of the International Women's day! This year the #IWD2018 will put its focus on gender equality. Because the question remains: How can we create the same rights for women? We are all 'human' beings and share the same rights according to the Universal Declarations for Human Rights. Nevertheless, more countries are aware and are changing policies to comply with the inequality between women and men. This is also the case in some African countries. There are more female representatives in Africa that are fighting for the rights of other women. Yet, a complete shift is needed. Different political parties and organisations will be present at the Afrikadag to discuss this issue with you, among others the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) with SheDecides, ActionAid with Women2Kili, and Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) with "Rights By Her". Here are some inspirational quotes by African women:
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Little changes can make the difference! The power of new activism and citizens’ initiatives

“It is the little things that citizens do. That is what will make the difference.” That is what Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai said in one of her speeches addressed to the whole African continent. Dr. Maathai, a Kenyan environmental and political activist and Nobel prize winner, knew how to stimulate activism and citizens’ initiatives in order to create positive change. Where politics are still often traditional and closed, ordinary people know how to enforce change. This occurs in many areas, such as women’s rights, children’s rights, environmental rights, anti-corruption, and economic rights. With the help of technological developments, and social media as a powerful weapon, more and more people, especially young people and women, are active in putting their voices first. Therefore, the Afrikadag 2018 will focus on activism and citizens’ initiatives. 
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Wanted: Volunteers for the Afrikadag 2018!

The most inspiring event of the FMS, the Afrikadag, is almost here! On Saturday the 14th of April, the annual Afrikadag will take place at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. The Afrikadag, with approximately 1500 visitors, speakers and volunteers, is the biggest public event on Africa and international cooperation in the Netherlands. This year the Afrikadag is all about change and the power of activism and civic initiatives. Besides the debates, speeches and workshops from national and international organisations, there will also be space for relaxation and entertainment during the extensive cultural programme, with music, literature, art, and music. As icing on the cake, the sixth edition of the "Africa at Night" afterparty will open its doors for all volunteers, visitors and speakers.
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Save the date: Afrikadag on 14 April 2018!

Afrikadag 2016 has been quite some time ago. So, time to look forwards, because in less than a year, on Saturday 14 April 2018, the next edition of Afrikadag will take place! After some successful edition in the fall, we have decided to move Afrikadag towards spring season once again. In April, Africa will dominate the KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) in Amsterdam all day, with music, films, debates, workshops, and of course an explosive after party! Keep an eye on our website and social media for all updates regarding the Afrikadag!
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Speech Ashish Thakkar, Africaday 2016

The young and inspiring entrepreneur Ashish Thakkar held an impressive speech during the opening of the Africaday. Already at a very young age, Thakkar started his business, what has grown into what is now known as the Mara Group. He also initiated the Mara Foundation for young entrepreneurs. His key message pointed out the need to change the story about Africa: Africa is a continent, not a country, where amazing things happen. Watch the speech here!

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“Amazing things are happening”: a picture of the Africaday 2016

After several warm Africadays the last years, this year the Africaday started a little different. It was one of those typical Dutch rainy and windy autumn days. Nevertheless, the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam rapidly surged with visitors who didn’t want to miss out anything of the exciting programme. At 10 AM the opening started, and, fortunately, the KIT was nice and warm by then.

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Africaday big success! Thank you!

The Africaday and "Africa at Night" were once again a great success! We would like to thank our partners, participating organisations, speakers, volunteers, artists, and visitors for their contribution to the Africaday and "Africa at Night". Pictures and a short report will follow as soon as possible. Or, you can click here to see what has been tweeted on #Afrikadag. See you next year!

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Get to know the FEPS

This year the annual Africaday is organised by the Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) and the Foundation for European Progressive studies (FEPS). 

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Meet our partners! Part three

Here we put our partners that make the Africaday possible into the spotlight. Today, it’s all about FMO

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News about the afterparty: Black Prophet at "Africa at Night"

In just a few weeks, it's time for the Africaday and of course the afterparty "Africa at Night". We are proud to announce that the Ghanaian reggae singer/songwriter Black Prophet will be the headliner of the afterparty!

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African food at the Africaday

An event like the Africaday is not complete without good food! Each year the Africaday offers a wide range of workshops that are not only very interesting but also quite intense. And what about all the impressions gained during a round at the Africaday market or taking part in the pub quiz? Good food is important!

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Meet our partners! Part two

In this section all the partners who sponsored the Africa are put in the spotlight. Today, the honour goes to Partos!

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Keynote speaker: Amma Asante

We proudly present to you Amma Asante, keynote speaker at the Africaday 2016! She is the first Member of Dutch Parliament with Ghanaian roots, and a well-known fighter for the African diaspora in the Netherlands. At the opening of the Africaday, she will give an inspiring speech to start off this event.

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Meet our partners! Part one

In this item we put all of the Africaday partners in the spotlight. Today the honour goes to Ready for Change,  A collaboration between Woord en Daad, the Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) and Partos.

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Programme Africaday 2016 complete. Order your tickets now!

On Saturday the 5th of November it is time for the Africaday 2016: the event on Africa and international cooperation. On this day the topic of "Europe and Africa" will be discussed at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. Our African keynote speaker is the successful and inspiring entrepreneur Ashish J. Thakkar, founder and CEO of the Mara Group. Other guests include: Diederik Samsom, Amma Asante, Lola Sánchez Caldentey, Badi, Ayaan Abukar, Stientje van Veldhoven, Roelof van Laar, Eric Smaling, Rik Grashoff, Alberta Opoku, Judith Sargentini, Josh Maiyo, Alphonse Muambi, Vamba Sherif, Babah Tarawally, Ton Dietz and many others!

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Ashish J. Thakkar at the Africaday!

On Saturday the 5th of November, we will welcome Ashish J. Thakkar – refugee, school dropout, entrepreneur, philanthropist, future astronaut, fourth generation African and founder of the Mara Group and Mara Foundation, according to himself – at the Africaday. Besides all this, he is also author of the book “The Lion Awakes: Adventures in Africa’s Economic Miracle”. In his book, he shows us that Africa is a continent undergoing a remarkable transformation and great economic development. The Mara Group itself is active in 22 countries across Africa. Therefore, he will not only speak about the main theme of the Africaday this year, the relationship between Europe and Africa, but he will also tell us more on “Africa on the rise”. Europe should see more opportunities and possibilities in Africa, there must be a partnership rather than an aid relationship, according to him.

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Africaday 2016 dedicated to the relationship between Europe and Africa

Africaday 2016 is coming up! This year, we will highlight the relationship between Europe and Africa through over forty workshops, debates, speeches, literature, films and more. But even within Africa, countries are extensively working together. How is this different or similar compared to the European Union? The relationship between the EU and Africa has also been changing during recent years. What are the implications of this changing relationship? This and more will be discussed at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) on Saturday the 5th of November.

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